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About Youtube Subtitle Downloader

Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader Tool helps you to download YouTube video Subtitles with ease. All you just need to do is copy the URL of the youtube video which has captions and paste the URL into the input box and click the Download button. This tool fetches all language subtitles which the video has included.

How to use Youtube Subtitles Downloader

Here are few easy step to use youtube videos subtitles downloader.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube website or Open App then search videos and then apply a filter in the search list for Subtitles/CC. It will bring you only videos that have subtitles.

youtube subtitles downloader

Step 2: Now open the video and which you have selected and Copy the URL or if you are using the app then click on the share button where you can see the Copy URL option. Then paste that URL in our youtube subtitles extractor tool and click on the Download button.

youtube video subtitles downloader

Step 3:Now you can see subtitles fetched into the box and also you can notice available subtitles of the videos also fetched. You can select any language to get the specific language of subtitles of the youtube video. Then you can click on the Copy button to copy the subtitles of the youtube video.

youtube subtitles downloader online


Is this tool is free?

Yes, this youtube captions downloader online tool is completely free.

Can I generate article from youtube video using this tool?

Yes, you can generate unique articles from youtube videos using this tool. The only requirement is a youtube video that you select must have captions to generate an article.

Does your youtube caption downloader fetch all language captions?

Yes, our youtube captions downloader tool fetch all available captions from youtube video.

Does your youtube subtitle extractor fetch auto-generated captions?

No, our youtube subtitles downloader does not fetch auto-generated captions because auto-generated captions are sometimes wrong and have no meaning that's why we recommend you to choose a youtube videos with captions for an accurate results.